Save Our Shop


September 1st 2017

Today we learned that Daventry District Council have approved the planning application for a new Community Shop in Creaton.

This is an important milestone for the village and for Creaton Community Benefit Society, whose work really begins in earnest. Thankfully a lot has been going on in the background but over the next few months we should all see lots of things happening.

The share issue will be launched in the next two months, the building will be designed and ordered, and the staffing will be organised. And it is the last of these that eveybody can help because we still need volunteers to work in the shop. To date we have about 45 hours of voluntary staff per week but we need that much again in order to run - and in order to be open. So don't be shy and certainly don't think that you cannot do it but get in touch to find out more and to help support your community shop.

Email us a enquiries@creatonvillageshop.co.uk


The village shop and Post Office is due to close in August 2017. Since November 2016 a group of people from Creaton and the surrounding villages have been working towards setting up a Community Shop to replace the exisitng one.

To find out more about the project, please go to http://www.creatonvillageshop.co.uk/.

We also have a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/creatonsos/and are on Twitter (@CreatonSOS).

To contact CreatonSOS by email: enquiries@creatonvillageshop.co.uk.




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