Elections 2014 - Creaton

Some information about Creaton and the work of the Parish Council

Creaton is a village of just over 200 houses with a population of about 500.

The Parish Council consists of 8 Councillors who look after the Precept of nearly £17000. This comes tothe Council via the Council Tax collection. This money pays for the ctivities of the Council, which includes:

  • Parish Clerk
  • Parish office expenses
  • Grass cutting and tree maintenance (The Green, The Churchyard & Cemetery)
  • Street lighting

The Council also acts as guardians of the village and its amenities on behalf of everybody who lives here:

  • roads
  • dogs
  • rubbish
  • drains
  • planning
  • footpaths

The Council has a number of groiups that have specialist roles:

  • Planning Executive Committee
  • Strategy Advisory Group
  • Resources and Staffing Advisory Group
  • Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • Natural Creaton

In addition to these activities, there is a distinct change in the role and status of local councils as central Government as well as County and District councils devolve more responsibility to this level (eg Neighbourhood Planning, NCC changes in road maintenance). The challenge for parish councils is to accept these responsibilities and press for the power to be able to use these responsibilities.

The councillors come from all walks of life and have a variety of skills that gives the PC a good cross-section of expertise.
As well as the skills listed previously, the willingness and ability to be involved in the village is the necessary starting point.

And you do not have to be a boring old fart - anyone over the age of 18 can apply.


Date of elections: 22nd May 2014

Nominations: submitted by 24th April

If interested, contact the Parish Clerk
Mrs L Compton
12 Olde Forde Close

01604 880727

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