Family History

The most common emails to the website are from people researching their family history. This page will carry their request for information. If any body can offer any help, please email janeshanks54@gmail.com

From Jeremy Cornish:
My ancestors lived in Great Creaton from 1799 to the 1860's. They were mainly Bricklayers until they moved to Aston in Warwickshire. I have been unable to piece together info before 1799 or details of their stay in Great Creaton or where they originated. 
There may be some historical, churchyard records or places where they lived that could be made available. Did they have some impact on the local community? 
I appreciate that this request is a long shot but I thought the request was worth a try. I live in Canada close to Toronto which makes it difficult to do local research. I greatly appreciate your thoughts.
Kind regards, 
Jeremy Cornish.

From Roger Depper
Searching the Pendred/Pendered Family. I am interested in a Joseph Pendred/Pendered who is believed to have been born c1798 in Great Creaton. The information came from the USA. Source unknown. My grandmother was a Pendered but in the 1800's the name was Pendred.
Can any help.
Thank You
Roger Depper living in the mountains of Southern Spain

From Linda Tarry:
I am searching for information on an ancestor and his family, Frederick Tarry born November 19, 1818 to John and Elizabeth Tarry. He was baptized Dec 12, 1818 by Thomas ? in the Great Creaton Independent Church, which I believe no longer exists. 
We know Frederick left for America when he was 26 years old. However, we are lacking information on his parents, John and Elizabeth. Do you have any suggestions as to whom I could contact in your area to help with my search? 
Hope to hear from you, 
Linda Tarry Washington, 
United States 
[By the way, looked at the pictures of Creaton. It looks lovely]




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